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Melody Godfred

founder of fred&Far

Founder of write in color, inc.

"Leanne is a magnificent partner in creation. She empowered me to transform secret dreams and ideas into concrete designs and projects. Her creative vision and elevated aesthetic coupled with her positive and nurturing nature have changed my life. She is gifted with the ability to unlock the potential of every idea, and teaches me to do the same. She is without question the most remarkable creative I've ever worked with and is an invaluable mentor."



Allison Rapson

Co-founder of we are the xx

"As founders of a women's media company, Kassidy and I are always struck by the bounty of absolutely talented women that we get to work with to collectively elevate the diverse experience of women. Leanne is one such woman whom we've had the pleasure of working with. Her unique design aesthetic and passion for championing other women are just a few of the reasons why she remains at the top of our list of talent to work with. Leanne easily grasped the vision of our brand and with ease, attention to detail and often on rapid deadlines, she has never failed to deliver beautifully crafted assets that continue to be a part of our company's story. Couldn't recommend her enough." 



Jaanelle Yee

contributor at doodler's anonymous



"Staring down at a blank sheet of paper can be intimidating to someone suffering from artist's block. Might I suggest taking a page out of Leanne Aranador's book? She rips, cuts, and pastes snippets from magazines into her sketchbook to create a starting point for her doodles, and what happens next is where it gets interesting. Her talented hands use the power of doodles to transform bland advertisements that look like every other page into a singular work of art and poetry. Aranador’s process seems chaotically therapeutic in its irreverence of polished print ads…"



Mariela Sánchez

Founder of the xolotl


"We wanted to take a moment to shout out the lovely lady behind our brand image. We met almost three years ago at a Graphic Design summer course in London, and from the minute I saw her work I knew I wanted her to design Xolotl's branding. Back then, Xolotl was just a very vague idea in my head and she somehow managed to grab my idea and give it a face. I love everything behind our logo and of course the fun colors that accompany it. Paying for the logo was the very first investment. This was way before I'd even been to Oaxaca or met our artisans. But I felt that once it had a face and a name, I could no longer ignore it. And starting at that logo everyday pushed me to want to use it and bring Xolotl to life. So thank you to, Leanne Aranador for all of this. And go check out her amazing work. She's definitely an inspiration!"