"She rips, cuts, and pastes snippets from magazines into her sketchbook to create a starting point for her doodles, and what happens next is where it gets interesting. Her talented hands use the power of doodles to transform bland advertisements that look like every other page into a singular work of art and poetry. Aranador’s process seems chaotically therapeutic in its irreverence of polished print ads…" –Doodlers Anonymous


Leanne's art career jump started in 2015 when she realized that for too long she allowed other people’s opinions and actions dictate who she was. A job rejection meant she was unworthy. A guy who never called her after the first date meant she was unlovable. A colleague that didn’t acknowledge her hard work meant she was valueless. These lies she chose to believe became deafening to the point that she couldn’t hear her own voice. It was when her friend suggested, as a New Year’s resolution, to doodle a day for a whole year that she began to hear a faint, whisper of herself. 


In the beginning of her doodle journey she had two simple rules: 1. Draw everyday 2. Despite the imperfections she must post it. Leanne's Instagram feed became her public, uncensored visual diary into her everyday life including the emotions and life lessons she experienced. On the 87th day she realized she had developed her own unique, artistic style, but it wasn’t until the 209th day that she recognized the true value of her voice.


Her voice has the power to decide who she is. It has the power to turn her imperfections into points of interests and her vulnerabilities into strengths. From that day on she promised herself to always honor her voice above all others. 





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